“First Words of Jesus” by Stu Epperson, Jr.

This is a nice book to read as we lead up to the Christmas season. Author Stu Epperson offers this sequel to the earlier “Last Words of Jesus”. This book focuses on Christmas and the birth of a king. Of course, the first recorded words of Jesus were captured when Joseph and Mary had to return to Jerusalem after learning that their young savior/son had been left behind. Those words were spoken after the worried parents found their twelve year old son teaching the scholars in the temple.

The book focuses not just on the first words of Jesus, but also of Joseph, Mary, the Magi, the Shepherds as each one provided his/her perspective on the indescribable tale of the birth of a Messiah.

This book is not a theological masterpiece, or a deep study into the early Greek texts. It is, however, an entertaining, informative and inspiring look at the time of Christ’s birth, and leads us to consider the sheer gravity and profundity of the humble birth of the King without an earthly kingdom.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book for its overall appeal and approachability. It can serve as a very positive addition to the library of a serious Christian interested in this topic.

It is a quick and relatively easy read. I would recommend it to most any level of reader, leaning more to the somewhat spiritually mature. You’ll often find yourself nodding in agreement with the author as you pore through this reasonably quick read. Bottom line is that this is just a pretty good book to enjoy during this most festive time of year.

I received a complimentary copy of this book as an Advanced Readers Copy from the publisher (Worthy) in exchange for a fair, honest and timely review. No other expectations exist regarding the author, publisher, or reviewer.


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