“Madame Presidentess” by Nicole Evelina

I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book from Smith Publicity in exchange for an honest and timely review.

The book started out at a good pace. For me, however, it seemed to hit a brick wall about 100 pages in. I must be honest here, though. I’m a 60 year old male reader. The bulk of my reading falls into either the Christian Living/Theology or Mystery/Thriller genres. As a result, I found myself totally out of my element in this volume, as the book is clearly targeted to a female audience.

But, here is what I did see. The book is well written by a very skilled author/storyteller. It’s timely, and thought provoking.
Aside from these observations, I must admit that this book is simply not my cup of tea. I don’t, however, want to penalize the author for a book that lies beyond the scope of my interest. And, consequently, I still give it a 4-star rating, because I believe there are readers out there who will love the book. Thanks for reading my review. It also appears on goodreads.com and on my personal blog: jonreviewsbooks1.wordpress.com.


“The Stream” by James Robison

James Robison, along with his wife Betty, are Christian television hosts based in the Dallas area.  Their program, Life Today, can be seen on a host of Christian radio networks.  The ministry of Life Today is primarily targeted at helping those (especially children) living in abject poverty in Third World Nations across the globe.
Life Today feeds these children, as well as digs wells to provide steady supplies of water to the children.

This life giving ministry makes James and Betty Robison giant heroes of faith in my book.

James, additionally, is a great American patriot.  For 40 years, or more, he has become  one of America’s greatest evangelical political commentators.  He is an expert on our Founding Fathers and has a clear understanding of what intentions drove our founding fathers and Constitutional framers.  His position is solid, without compromise and righteous.

“The Stream” is reflective of those Judeo-Christsian beliefs, and Robison does his usual good job in communicating his beliefs and opinions.  What an appropriate release for an election season.  I just pray that this book reach the masses during these final months of the 2016 campaign season.

This Ten part book is divided into 40 chapters. Early on, he addresses “Mobocracy in the Heartland”, a commentary on racial tensions born out of Ferguson, as well as similar tensions in the time of Lincoln.  Our nation is on a collision course to repeat history in the horrid condition of racial tension and unrest.

Part Two addresses the fact that a fourth spiritual awakening is our nation’s only hope.  We need what Robison calls a “Bottom-up, Inside-out Internal change”.  Furthermore, he maintains, we need to relearn the importance of gratitude and are in dire need of a return to wisdom.

According to James Robison, evil must be fought, laws must be just, and we need a smaller government that makes for larger citizens.  He continues that not only do “black lives matter”, but EVERY LIFE MATTERS.

America’s only hope is “…the hope for freedom and the only true hope for the  world.  It is the transforming power of gospel truth  demonstrated by changed lives and delivered by Spirit-filled believers.  As His people called by his name come together in brokenness and humility, turning from all of our indifference and wicked ways, our Lord Almighty Creator will hear from heaven and will forgive us, cover us, and heal the people and our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

I received a hard copy of this fine book as an advanced readers copy (ARC) from the publisher (Worthy Publishing) in exchange for an honest and timely review.  And as a result, I commend this book to you.  There are no other expectations between the publisher, author, and this reviewer.  This review will be published on Goodreads.com, Amazon.com, and my blog, jonreviewsbooks1.wordpress.com.

“Words to Live By”, by Linda J. Gilden and Dalene V. Parker

The subtitle of this unique devotional is “52 Ordinary Words that Lead to an Extraordinary Life”.  The subtitle speaks volumes about the content of this interesting presentation.

Generally, when I review books, I will read them, write the reviews, and relegate the books to a little visited shelf, or perhaps a box in the closet.  I can tell you however, that this book will remain on my table and will be referenced often in the months ahead.

52 weekly topics are presented in five parts for daily reading.  You spend a week on each subject.  Some important words to live by that drew my attention and interest include: Believe, choose, cherish, honor, praise, laugh, sacrifice, and persevere.  All honorable words and actions that reflect a heart yielded to the Almighty One.

The book is written cleanly, clearly, and concisely, and the reader will often find himself stopping mid-sentence or mid-paragraph to suddenly consider the weight of the words just digested.  Linda and Dalene do a marvelous job bringing us to a new level of understanding and appreciation across these 52 different subjects.

This is a new style of devotional that I like very much.  Its appropriate for all age groups and both men and women.  I do realize that this volume will more greatly appeal to women, and women will be the major audience.  I do, however, hope that my few comments on this high quality production will draw male readers as well.  Because, I’ll tell you what, gentlemen…. we need to hear this stuff, and we need to get this kind of teaching in our own masculine spirits.

I highly recommend this book to all readers, and it comes with my hearty “atta girls” to both authors.  This book is available now and I urge you to pick up your copy at your earliest opportunity.

I received an advanced readers copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest and timely review.  There are no other expectations beyond said review.  This review will appear on Goodreads.com, Amazon.com, and my blog, jonreviewsbooks1.wordpress.com.