At Home in the Father’s House…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased and honored to write a review on John Sheasby’s “At Home in the Father’s House: Where I Belong as a Child of the King”. This is one of those volumes where the material hits the reader right between the eyes with Truth.

In the Kingdom, there are Sonship and Servanthood. In Biblical times, individuals received their blessings in two distinct ways. They received them as the blessings were “earned” or when the blessings were “inherited”. Through relationship as with a blood heir, or through transaction, as through a hired hand or servant.

Using distinct Biblical examples, author Sheasby opens his heart to engage the reader to open his heart and eyes to the magnificent blessings that are available through a familial relationship with the King of Kings. Repeated examples, both from the author’s life and through clear biblical illustrations, Sheasby endeavors to show us what we miss if our relationship with God is not up to its potential. These illustrations become obvious as the reader meditates on the content of this fine book.

I am always happy and willing to discuss book content and story lines. I try to avoid getting too “chatty” during a book review, as I want to let the potential reader of this book to experience the same kind of revelation as I did upon reading the book. In that regard, therefore, I offer my complete and total recommendation of this book to you, the reader. I want you to engage with Pastor Sheasby in a “spoiler-free” experience. And I hope that the reader’s experience is similar to my own, as your heart and mind are confronted by a new way of looking at where we belong as children, rather than servants, of the King.

As a result, I give this volume 5 big gold stars, and back that with my heartiest recommendation as a book that will serve you unexpected blessings from completely new perspectives. This is one of those books that sneak into the scene and then suddenly break out as readers grasp the weight and truth of the message. And this is a message of Truth, Victory, and Abundant Blessing!

I received a copy of this book as an Advanced Reader’s Copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest and timely review. There are no other connections or expectations between myself, the publisher or the author. This review will be included on,, my blog:, and other social media sites.

Happy reading!


“Hunting Hope” by Nika Maples

We’ve all been through our own seasons of darkness, hoping to find just a glimmer of light. Dark seasons manifest themselves in a variety of ways: broken relationships, financial upheaval, a cancer diagnosis, etc. Author Nika Maples terms us “Hope Hunters”.

This is a well written book, primarily targeted to women. It gives excellent teaching on finding our own hope, as well as glimpses into the author’s own personal experience. The words flow from her pen like poetry. The abundance of love and grace in the author’s life is obvious after reading several pages. I think women who struggle with these issues will find this volume to be liberating, and a step in the right direction to meet head-on with the hope that comes only through Jesus Christ. I would surmise that caretakers would be equally blessed by spending time with this book. For that, I do indeed recommend this book to you. You’ll be blessed.

I received a copy of this book as an Advanced Reader’s Copy from the publisher (Worthy Publishing) in exchange for an honest review. No other expectations exist with either the publisher, author or myself. You can find a copy of this review on,, and my blog: