“GOOD GOD” by Lucas Miles

“God is so good,” so says the song we learned in Sunday School.
“God is so good,” David proclaims throughout the Psalms.
“God is so good,” states the preacher in his Sunday sermon.

Lucas Miles hones in on God’s goodness and takes us on a theological, emotional, spiritual, and academic analysis of what that goodness really means and how “religion” has come to re-paint the portrait of our great and good God.

I really had a difficult time putting this book down to even sleep. The topic is ancient as well as fresh as today.

This is a great read. Sometimes quick, sometimes arduous, but always edifying. I really took a lot away from this read.

Bottom line, at least for me, is that this is a look at God’s goodness through a lens of religiosity. Let me say here that having a relationship with Jesus Christ is not religion. In my thesaurus, religion is a set of man-made dogmas and thoughts. Whether they be catholic, reformed, Calvinist, charismatic or otherwise, dogmas don’t save us. Dogmas don’t carry us to Heaven. Dogmas can, and do, often shift our focus away from the throne of grace and into a state of confusion.

God is good. This I know. The biggest take away for me was that this good God loved us so much that He created man with free agency, the right to select and make decisions in our own life. His love is such that He doesn’t always insert Himself into our bad decisions and bail us out. Yet, the religious among us tell us that “God allowed us to fail, experience pain, or taught us a lesson”. Religion can take this all loving Abba (Daddy) and turn Him to a harsh, judgmental tyrant.

Since reading this volume, I’ve been enlightened by numerous ministers of renown who stand in unknown opposition to the concept of OUR GOOD GOD.

This is an excellent book. I recommend it to every Christian looking to understand his/her relationship with God, and to every believer who is struggling with life’s tough situations. I predict that once you read this book, you will add it to your shelf for future reading and reference.

Get this book! Read this book! And enjoy a brand new, more intimate relationship with our GOOD GOD!!


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