End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi: Unlocking the Mystery of Revelation and the Antichrist by Michael Youssef

Michael Youssef is one of my favorite media ministers. I was excited to be given the opportunity to read Rev. Youssef’s view of end times, and its ties with the 12th Madhi of Islam.

Being born and raised in the Middle East (Egypt), I believe Youssef’s views of the happenings surrounding the last days come more from an experiential understanding rather than an academic understanding of Islamic Eschatology. That’s not to say that Youssef’s views are not academic, as they very much are. I simply believe that Michael Youssef’s views of both Christian and Islamic Eschatology have an extra depth that comes from a thorough understanding of End Times.

Without providing spoilers, I can summarize that this book addresses the similarities between the Islamic Mahdi and the Antichrist of Revelation. He furthermore discusses the present state of the world, and how we are in a collision course with the global movement to a one-world government. These things used to be considered to be happenings far into the future. Today, they’re definite possibilities and are happening right under our collective noses. And, of course, the rise of ISIS plays a major role in the End Time drama.

The author spends a great deal of the book solely concentrating on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and the roles that are played by the Antichrist, the 24 elders, the 7 letters, and so forth. It was presented in a very accessible fashion. I think this book, as opposed to other End Times books I’ve read, is the most understandable version yet to be published. In that regard, the ease of understanding greatly contributes to the success of the book.

So much will take place in the very near future as The Antichrist, the Abomination that leads to Desolation, the Antichrist’s 7 year peace treaty with Israel, the Great Tribulation, and many more events will lead us in to the glorious reign of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate fate of the Antichrist and his False Prophet.

I review lots of books, and generally relegate them to the shelves after the review. This particular book will be placed in with my collection of Bibles, and can/will serve as a valuable reference as I’m able to read it again and again. For this utility alone, I give this book a hearty 4-Star rating, and recommend it for both your enjoyment and the vast spiritual knowledge you will receive.

It’s one that every Christian in these latter days should obtain and start reading now.

I received this book as an Advanced Readers’ Copy (ARC) from Worthy Publishing, in exchange for my commitment to provide and honest and timely review. I have no other professional ties or expectations with the publisher or author. This review appears in Goodreads, Amazon.com, and my blog: jonreviewsbooks1.wordpress.com


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