“Redeeming Pleasure” by Jeremy Jernigan

In this “post modern” generation, the terms “seeking pleasure” and “seeking God” are often considered to be mutually exclusive. However, pastor and author Jeremy Jernigan takes the reader outside the proverbial box. He addresses a number of issues that challenge the church of today. Creation theology, homosexuality in the church, parenting, entertainment, among others.

The message contained within is man’s pursuit of these things “of the flesh” demonstrates how we seek pleasure to fill various voids in life that are ultimately fulfilled only by the pleasure of a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Redeeming Pleasure” isn’t necessarily a title that would jump into my hands from the shelf of my local Christian bookstore. However, Pastor Jernigan offers some compelling arguments across the range of topics. While Jernigan’s theology is more liberal than my own, I still appreciate his zeal. This is a well-researched volume and fairly presented with strong scriptural support.

In this regard, for those seeking a new view of the relationship between seeking pleasure and seeking God, I can commend this work to you.

I received an advance reader’s copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for a fair, honest and timely review. There are no other ties or expectations from the publisher, author or this reviewer.


Ready for a Couple Sleepless Nights?

The Forge imprint of Tom Doherty Associates has found an excellent source of future mystery thrillers. Author Michael Ransom is, first and foremost, a scientist specializing in toxicogenomics and pharmacogenetics. His prior written work has appeared in various medical journals. “The Ripper Gene” marks his debut plunge into the genre of Mystery/Thrillers. And a noble effort it is.

Though not wanting to sound so similar to other reviewers, I can’t help but to also tell you that this book grabs you in the first few pages. And more impressively, it doesn’t let you go until the very end with an unexpected outcome. Mr. Ransom does a very good job weaving knowledge of his own field of work into a thrilling story line. Together, fact and fiction blend into a very readable and entertaining mystery. Michael Ransom is a gifted writer.

As a result of the information presented above, I must give this book the highest rating and to highly commend the volume for your reading enjoyment. Anyone who enjoys forensics and science paired with mystery will thoroughly this tale. And after reading, I am looking forward to the next publication from Michael Ransom. 5 STARS

I received an advance readers copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a timely and honest review. There are no other connections or expectations from the author, publisher, or this reviewer.