“God Speaks” by Dr. Craig A. Evans

First, may I say that I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest and timely review. I have no other associations or expectations from either the publisher or the author.

Upon the first receipt of this book, I tried to start reading it a couple of times before it really caught my interest. Dr. Craig Evans is a renowned Biblical scholar. For the more academic among us, I believe they will find this to be an excellent work, chocked full of important data. The casual reader or newbie Christian may find himself scratching his head, trying to understand all the data..

This is a well-written book that should be well received by the theological community. I say the next thing, not to cast negativity on the volume, but to try to clarify a point. My personal reading of this book was difficult. I found myself reading the same paragraph two and three times in my effort to understand. I believe that the content of this book will be “over the heads” of the average reader looking to learn. It’s entirely academic, showing little of the author’s personality. But, with this subject, that is perfectly acceptable.

The author’s purpose, I believe, is to equip Christians to understand and defend the Gospel in this post-modern world. Dr. Evans does an excellent job in summarily outlining his argument for such things as the Creation Story, the Source of Christ’s authority, the Last Days, etc.

My favorite part of the book was Part 3, “Common Questions About the Bible”. A chapter is devoted to understanding the violence in the Bible. And, another chapter identifies numerous non-Canon tangibles that support the Bible’s content, meaning, and authority. Examples of these would include: the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian inscriptions, the Davidic era ruins in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and many more that the secular, scientific community cannot refute.

I believe that “God Speaks” is an analysis of a centuries long love story. It’s about God’s love, His mercy, His longing for relationship with His People.

I give this book 4-Stars because it is well written and documented, but at the same time, a bit un-accessible to the young Christian and the general population. Hey, if you want to learn more about the Bible than you could ever imagined, this book should be on your library shelf.


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