A New Way To Tackle Our Weight

“The Skinny Life: the secret to physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness” is a well written book by Crystal Dwyer Hansen. She happens to be married to Mark Victor Hansen, he of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame.

First, I believe Mrs. Hansen is an accomplished writer in her own style apart from her husband. I see many similarities in their writing styles, which are uplifting, educational, and inspirational. What was pleasing for me, was that this book doesn’t have half of its pages filled with recipes for oddball concoctions that we will never eat.

Indeed, Crystal focuses on the whole man model (not only body, but mind and spirit as well). Though millions daily work on the mind and spirit in their meditative work, Bible Study work, and other self-healing activities, few have taken diet as part of that tri-partite man to accomplish great things. Other writers have already discussed the various parts of the book, and have talked about the “Thief Foods” and the”Saint Foods”. Perhaps readers may not care for those monikers. It’ just a good positive way, in my opinion, to address foods that are good for you and foods that are bad for you. One may identify them as “food that will kill you” and “foods that won’t kill you”.

Please don’t get caught up in semantics. In a time that our culture is adopting terms like “Mindfulness”, this book addresses a mindful process of getting your weight (as well as the rest of your life) in control by adopting habits that will maintain and improve your life. The Skinny Life style doesn’t require scales, tape measures, food scales, or measuring cups. This change in lifestyle focuses on what causes one to over eat, and developing disciplined habits that promote physical and emotional fulfillment, and stop using food as a “comfort food”.

I do recommend this book. Especially to chronic dieters who’ve tried everything from cabbage soup to zero carb fads that keeps the dieter on the roller coast of weight. This plan shows the reader a new way to live by being mindful of ones activities and their consequences.I received an advanced readers copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest and timely review. There is no further relationship between this reviewer and the publisher or author.


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