“Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and Into the Arms of the Savior”

“Fallen” is, at times, a dark memoir, and at other times it is hopeful and inspirational. Written by Annie Lobert, a former sex worker (i.e., stripper, escort, and prostitute. It chronicles the mis-adventures of a beautiful teenager who grew up in a terribly dysfunctional family, was sexually abused, and just wanted to be loved.

To go into great detail of the book would present way too many spoilers. Let’s just say that it is an autobiographical look of how far one can fall into depravity because of sin, association, and poor decisions. However, it is also a look of how one can be raised from the gutter to new life through the grace of Christ’s atonement.

This book isn’t for young people. At the same time it may be appropriate for a parent to share with a teen who may be walking a moral tightrope. I think this book is a must read for every parent of teenagers. I thought I was pretty well “in the know” about stuff like this. But I quickly found out that I was quite wrong.

I can’t say that I “LOVED” the book, because of its frightening and disturbing content. But, I did find the book very enlightening and educational.

You will, though, rejoice with Annie as she works to remove herself from her behaviors and her addictions. It is, at the end of the day, a book of grace.

I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the publisher (Worthy Publishing) in exchange for an honest and timely review. I have no ties with the author or publisher. You will also find this review on Amazon.com, and my blog: jonreviewsbooks1@wordpress.com.


Jesus, Jihad, and Peace by Dr. Michael Youssef (Worthy Publishing)

May I commend to you, “Jesus, Jihad, and Peace” by Michael Youssef.

I am a big fan of books regarding Biblical Prophecy. It seems I learn something new with each reading. This book, however, ranks as one of the best ever, at least in my opinion.

Every book on prophecy will discuss the current Middle East Theatre, as does Dr. Youssef. What sets this is apart from others is the fact that the author grew up in the the Middle Eastern powder keg. With amazing clarity, Dr. Youssef not only discusses Iran, Iraq, Israel, ISIS, and radical Islam. But, with his unique understanding, having grown up in The Epicenter (a term first used by writer Joel C. Rosenburg), Michael Youssef shows a peek of “why” all this stuff is going on.

He gets us into the minds of radical Jihadists. As we understand their culture of violence and Jihad, beginning centuries ago, we begin to understand their mindsets and motivations for their actions. Don’t get me wrong. Just because I better understand it does not mean that I condone nor agree with their practices. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It has been hijacked by evil, barbaric leaders who even kill their own.

There are few books that I just can’t put down. However, this is one of the few. An enjoyable, yet frightening, read. A 5 star piece of work.

I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for a fair and timely review. I have no other associations with the author or the publisher. This review may also be found on Amazon.com and my blog: jonreviewsbooks1@Wordpress.com.