The Self Centered Spouse

This is one small, yet power packed book. This title really resonated with me because I was one of those self-centered spouses for way too many years. I was an entitled, controlling, ego-maniacal husband and father.

Though this review is not about me and my narcissistic issues, it is about my kind. I saw myself in page after page, and came to the determination that Brad Hambrick had somehow been listening in to my life.

This book is indeed a much needed help to any broken marriage. Mr. Hambrick’s prescriptions are correct, based in scripture, and just plain sensible.

A short book length doesn’t mean that we’re getting some sort of mini-overview of issues regarding an ego-centric spouse (this is a very common symptom of men/husbands/fathers, who leave in their wake, broken lives, broken families, and a massive lack of trust.

I highly recommend Mr. Hambrick’s mini-book. Not only this title, but any title in the series. You will be educated, edified, and challenged to become a better man/woman, a better husband/wife and a better father/mother.

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