A Political Commentary (sorry, this isn’t a book review)


America sorely needs Statesmen. We don’t need enablers of a whacked out, out of touch, Socialist Community Organizer named Barry Soetoro.  Where are the brave leaders and statesmen like Lincoln, Madison, Jefferson, Reagan, William Jennings Bryan, etc. ?  In their places we have created and elected a group of elitists who DO NOT operate in America’s best interests.  They operate and vote for their own personal interests, along their party lines, and within their own strategic alliances. 

If my Senator (Mark Pryor) votes to continue funding  Obamacare, more appropriately called “Barry’s Clusterf**k”, I will vote for Mr. Pryor to join the ranks of Arkansas’ unemployed in 2014.

These elitist idiots work for US, WE THE PEOPLE!! Problem is, the majority of WE THE PEOPLE, are more consumed with Kim and Kanye, Cyrus’ exhibitionism, Lohan’s latest DUI arrest, or Bynes’ most recent psychotic tweets.  In our societal ignorance, we elected these Washington buffoons, and probably got what we collectively deserved.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I, for one, applaud the citizenry of Egypt, Syria, and other Arab Spring countries. They (the citizens of those countries) got their fill of oppressive, elitist leaders, who destroy lives and run their nations into the ground. They (again the citizens) had the gumption to pull themselves together, and revolt against the destructive status quo.

I believe it’s time for a bloodless coup d’ tat in Washington, and move every one of these elitist opportunists out of town. I don’t care what party they belong to.  We need statesmen. People who not concerned about being re-elected, but concerned about doing the right thing for America.

I can imagine some of you sitting there think I’m a racist.  I am not a racist.  I do not dislike Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama because of the color of his skin.  I dislike Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama because he is a totally inept, incompetent, Socialist, nincompoop, who is bent on destroying capitalism.  I dislike him because he has never held a leadership job in his life before the White House.  And his idiocy shows.  Foreign leaders scoff at him.  Vladamir Putin openly disrespects him and mocks him.  Cases in point are the Edward Snowden affair and the Syria boondoggle.  Soetoro-Obama was a freakin’ ACORN community organizer, taught under the extreme left wing radical Saul Alinsky. 

I am not a racist.  I would vote for Condalezza Rice in a heart beat.  I would openly campaign and vote for Dr. Benjamin Carson.  Not because of the color of their skin, but because of the quality of their character.  This president is an amoral shill, who has pulled the wool over the eyes of idiots in the mainstream media, over the eyes of the Hollywood elite, and kowtows to left-wing extremists like radical LGBT leaders, and the murderous lemmings of the Planned Parenthood crowd. 

We need a Constitutional Convention that will further delineate and  limit the powers of all three governmental branches. We don’t need an egomaniacal runaway train in the White House. We don’t need judges who legislate based on their own political leanings or personal tastes, but we need judges who interpret the law of the land (the Constitution) in the spirit and context in which it was written. And we certainly don’t need 535 cronies in Congress who are constantly in a re-election mode, and vote for convenience, TV facetime, and a sound-byte, rather than voting according to the desires of their voters back home.

Problem is…. no body in Washington has the kahones to be a statesman, and make the first move.

This idiot in the White House is too stupid to see what kind of harm his “Affordable” Care Act is having on the middle class, as this nation becomes a nation of part-time workers. He has already brought America to our knees and made Vladamir Putin the most powerful man in the world.  He is reducing our America to Third World status at breakneck speed. 

Do we really want someone who is intentionally out of touch with Americans?  Who disrepects his voters and citizenry to shove his evil policies down our throats?  Do we really want him with access to the nuclear launch codes, or on the phone with Putin or Netanyahu, bringing even more humiliation to this nation?

Like author Joel C. Rosenberg, I pray for America’s Third Great Awakening; and I honestly and sincerely pray for a 2nd American Revolution.  A revolution where character, morality, and the rebirth of a once great republic is the goal.  And the plans of the current cast in Washington become yesterday’s news.

God Bless America!


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