“Four Blood Moons” by John Hagee

One of my favorite preachers and writers tackles end time prophecy from a totally new viewpoint.  Looking at astronomy, specifically full moons, John Hagee hits a home run and opens up a world of new thought and questions regarding the last days.

Without being a spoiler, I’ll just say that there have been three times in history that the Four Blood Moons have appeared in the sky.  Each incident is connected with one of the Hebrew Festivals, a total solar eclipse, and specific years important to the history of Israel. 

In his usual accessible style, Pastor Hagee gives the reader the necessary scriptural evidence to support his research, and that evidence is mind staggering.  The most recent occurance of the four blood moons occurred in 1967… timed to coincide with the 6 Day War, and Israel’s recapture of the Holy City, Jerusalem.  The next four blood moon cycle is to take place in 2014-2015.  And with what’s happening on the Geo-Political map today, end time prophecies seem to be falling right into place.

I listen to or read a number of end time teachers, including Irvin Baxter, Perry Stone, and Hal Lindsey.  Pastor Hagee, however, is the most learned, the most academic, and the most scripturally correct of them all.

I could go on and on with this incredible story, but I leave it to the reader to find out for yourself.  Hagee’s book is full of fact and faith.  And it is especially timely as we witness the goings on in Syria, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East.  Most importantly, John Hagee’s message is the Jesus Christ is coming soon, and we must prepare for His return.

I received an e-copy of this book as a publisher’s ARC, with the understanding that I would provide a timely and honest review.  This review can also be found on Goodreads.com, Netgalley.com, and will appear on Amazon.com after the release date.


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