“Authentic Christianity: A Transition to Divinity” by Sammy P. Crimson

South African born Sammy P. Crimson delivers a look at Authentic Christianity from a very fresh and compelling perspective.

Though the book is short (around 50 pages), it is not a quick read.  The reader is constantly faced with a new perspective of God’s matchless grace.  A perspective that causes us to pause and reflect on the message the author is bringing forward.

The book is written in a very reader-friendly, conversational, style, which makes the message come across quite clearly.  It’s obvious in just the first few pages that this book was not only a labor of love, but a work spawned by deep thought and prayerful consideration. 

Sammy Crimson delivers a message of our transition from sinner to the divine, only through God’s amazing grace.  I believe that the tone supporting each chapter is a very contemplative look at the subject of grace, and our resultant redemption.

Authentic Christianity is a good read, and causes one to direct their thoughts inwardly.  I do urge you to take the spiritual journey mapped by this fine message.

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for a prompt and honest review.  In addition to appearing in Goodreads, this review may be found on my blog: jonreviewsbooks.wordpress.com., and will appear on Amazon on or after the release date.


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