“Saffron Cross” by J. Dana Trent (Upper Room Books)

The “Saffron Cross” by Dana Trent is a quick read four year adventure of an inter-faith couple who are both devout in their own traditions.

Dana was raised Southern Baptist and went through all the Baptist rites of passage, to the point that she became ordained in the church.  I know what you’re thinking…. I don’t know of any Southern Baptist Church that has women ministers.  Lest we forget the autonomy of Southern Baptist churches in the the collective.

After much encouragement, and hope from her mother, and her loving church family, Dana yielded to the call to the ministry in her North Carolina church.  Subsequently, she attended Duke University’s Theological Seminary.

The TV commercial of Neil Clark Warren got Dana’s attention one day, and she decided to use Mr. Warren’s e-Harmony online dating service to find a man to date.

Enter….Fred… another e-Harmony member who was matched to Dana.  Their date turned into a second date, then a third, then a budding friendship, and finally a romantic relationship.  The challenge our two protagonists must overcome is that Fred is a former Hindu monk, and though he has left the cloistered monastery for life outside the walls, he is still a very devout practicing Hindu.

This book journalizes their unique relationship, as they both pursue God through their own traditions, yet, respect the traditions of one another.  Their relationship grows into a deeply spiritual marriage, where they oftentimes struggle to overcome their cultural differences, philosophical differences, and even simple every day minor things.

I believe this book is food for the soul of others contemplating an inter-faith marriage of their own, as well as everyday Christians married to everyday Christian spouses.  Get the book, and read about how these two lovely souls overcame their challenges, and let their lives be examples to you of how one pursues God.

I highly recommend this book to the select audience previously mentioned.  It is entertaining, heart-warming, and just plain interesting.  At times, its a love story.  At times, its a theological treatise.  And at times, its an inspirational read, showing us that there are people out there who are totally committed to finding God, and resting in his presence, regardless of the place, the sect, or the faith.

4 Stars for this one.

I received this book as an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) from the publisher, Upper Room Books, in exchange for an honest review.  I have no personal or professional ties with the author or the publisher.

This review will appear in NetGalley.com; Goodreads.com; my personal blog “JonReviewsBooks1.Wordpress.com”.  It will also appear on Amazon.com when the title is opened up for reader reviews.


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