Damascus Countdown by Joel Rosenberg

Can this guy get any better? 

I was once a huge fan of James Patterson.  Still am.  But Patterson’s recent foray into writing partnerships, thus having 3, 4, sometimes 5 books on the shelves at one time has decreased my interest.  You only have to wait a few weeks until the next Patterson book hits the market.

Contrast that against Dan Brown, who tortures his readers with three or four years between works. 

That brings me to this Joel Rosenberg character.  Joel C. Rosenberg has become my very favorite author.  Both his fiction and non-fictional works are excellent.  And with his latest effort, “Damascus Countdown”, Joel has knocked it out of the park.

His books shoot out of the starting gate like a top fuel dragster, and don’t let up until the final pages, when he has to eject a chute to bring things to a satisfying conclusion. 

I’ve read Rosenberg’s works for years, not, and this is his finest work to date.  Still a young man, I look forward to where his writing takes him in his next venture. 

Rosenberg’s ability to take Biblical eschatology, today’s headlines, and meld them together is an art.  When reading, I have to stop and ask myself, is this a novel?  Or is this stuff really happening?  The answer is, Yes, it’s a novel, and Yes, could be really happening in just days or weeks from right now. 

Joel’s books have won him regard because of their prophetic nature.  Using the Bible and current events, he spins a truly believable story that could really be happening at this very moment.

Aside from his timely writing, his skills are up there with the Major Leaguers like Patterson, Dever, Clancy and others.  He develops his characters to the point that they seem like friends of ours.  He weaves complex sub-plots that move along beneath the primary story line, and those sub-plots wonderfully play out for us before the book’s conclusion.

I’d love to tell readers a bit about the content that caused me to give this a 5 Star rating, but, doing so would spoil your own experience of reading this most excellent prophetic novel.

The writing is “clean”, so you could share with friends or family without risk of exposing them to some unsavory scenes.  Rosenberg, in fact, proves that you can write a top-notch, best-selling thriller without the requisite sex and harsh language.

My friends, Damascus Countdown is Rosenberg’s best work so far, and is a slam dunk, keep you awake at night in order to read just one more chapter (followed by another, and another) masterpiece.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Get this book.  It’s amazing!

After purchasing this book on the first day of it’s release, I also received it as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I have no personal nor professional ties with the publisher or author, and no further expectations of any considerations.  This review may also be found on Goodreads.com, Amazon.com, and my blog: jonreviewsbooks1.wordpress.com.


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