“Freedom from Worry” by Patricia Wilson (Upper Room Books)

Patricia Wilson delivers an encouraging book for those of us who are chronic worriers.  If I, personally, could trade the time I’ve spent worrying over my life for the same amount of positive thought, I believe my life would be much different today.  I have a sneaking suspicion that most readers fell much the same.

Wilson takes us on a four week tour of the scriptures, and of our own faith, and aims us in the direction of overcoming worry.  She offers us a daily reading, scriptural reflection, a prayer, and a mindfulness exercise to help us “wrap our arms around” the worry that slows us down.  During the 28 day journey, she offers wisdom that undoubtedly comes from personal experience, challenges us, questions us, and motivates us to, as the 15th day lesson says, “Let Go and Let God”.

That LGLG stuff is easier said than done.  Take that from a certified worrier and controller.  This short and simple set of lessons easily guides us to find our solution in Our Heavenly Father.

In Week 2, Patricia causes us to examine our worry and its relation to yesterday, today, and tomorrow, with the basic underlying lesson is that God is in the now, and our own faith in Him leads us to live in the now, not fretting over yesterday, nor dreading what tomorrow holds.

I love reading devotionals, especially ones of 30, 60, or 90 days.  I’ve found that reading in a year long devotional, we can get bogged down, tend to skip one, a few, or several days.  But, I take refuge in these shorter devotional readings. Shoot, anyone can stick in there for a month, and in turn take a whole lot away from the experience.

Though I still harbor a bit of natural worry, as it is an ingrained part of my psyche, I felt that Patricia Wilson’s four week work has opened my eyes, and allowed me to Let Go and Let God.

Get this book, folks.  It’s an accessible read, and takes you on a quick journey through the scriptures and the experience of overcoming your own worry.

I received this title in e-book format as an ARC from the publisher, Upper Room Ministries.  I did so with the understanding that I would provide a fair and honest review.  There are no personal, personal, or financial ties or expectations between the author, publisher, or myself.

May you, too, be encouraged by the writing of this author.  God Bless.

This review also appears on Amazon.com, Goodreads.com, and NetGalley.com.


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