Find Your Voice in the Psalms

In Find Your Voice in the Psalms, author and Episcopal priest Elizabeth Canham, takes us on a short tour of some of her favorite psalms.  Psalms that call us to worship, quiet, meditation, and prayer.

She pulls selected verses from each of these psalms, some very familiar and others somewhat less familiar.  She encourages us to get into the reason why each of these psalms were written, and how we can apply them to our everyday life.  She cites examples from her own life experience, using interesting stories to illustrate how these psalms apply to our own lives today.

Though each psalm discussed is equally pertinent to life today, I was especially impacted by a couple.  The first one was Psalm 46:10…”Be still and know that I am God”.  I (we) live in a technological post-modern world.  It’s full of noise and distraction.  With cell phones, IPads, iPods, digital downloads etc., we can easily fill our world with noise.  Even sitting on the porch at night in a town of some size, one can hear distant train whistles, trucks on the highway, sirens, tires screeching, etc.  Or when driving and sitting at a stop light, you often hear the basso pounding and thumping coming from the big woofers in a young driver’s car. 

Basically, it’s nearly impossible to escape our noisy world.  The writer commented that she even dealt with issues of finding that quiet, peaceful stillness while in the wilderness, devoid of all the sounds of civilization.  She talked about finding quiet and stillness in her mind.  And, that statement was one of the many that spoke directly to me.  For I, like her, find much difficulty in quieting the unpeacefulness that manifests itself in my noisy mind and spirit.  Ms. Canon’s guidance and suggestions helps the reader fight to overcome the noise in our hectic lives.

Elizabeth Canon has magnificently brought these psalms to light, and given us new paradigms that will greatly enhance our worship, prayer and meditation experiences.  I believe you will be absolutely blessed by this small book filled with great blessings.  Get it.

I received a digital copy of this book as an ARC from the publisher (Upper Room Books) in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I have no personal, financial, or professional ties to either the author or publisher.  You may also find this review on Netgalley,com,, and my blog:


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