“Heart of Terror” by Craig W. Dressler

“Heart of Terror” by Craig W. Dressler is a very good read of Christian oriented espionage.  It follows the path of two “good guys” who both find themselves deeply imbedded in Iranian terrorist cells.  They meet early in the story, part ways for a number of years, and then are reunited by circumstances. 

What I liked most about this book is that it just 130 pages long.  Its a quick read.  But, even given its relative shortness, is a tale with rich character development and obvious exhaustive research by the author.  Never once did I doubt that this entire story could actually be taking place in today’s world of religious separation. 

The reader is in for a treat in getting to know the two main characters as they question their lives, motives, and participation in the story.  Even within 130 pages, the author craftily weaves a tale that slowly builds its crescendo to the final climax.

I know I’ve already mentioned the book’s length two times.  However, I was pleasantly surprised how Mr. Dressler was able to weave this believable piece of fiction with such efficient use of words.

I highly recommend this book, as it will provide you a few hours of entertaining reading, as well as some new insights into Middle Eastern and Islamic culture.  Mr. Dressler has authored a handful of other books, and I definitely look forward to reading more of his work.  Get this one!!

This book was provided to me as an ARC directly from the author.  I was gifted the book in exchange for a fair and timely review.  I have no personal or professional ties to the author or the publisher.  And there was no financial incentive on either the author or this reviewer.

This review may be found on goodreads.com, amazon.com, and on my blog: JonReviewsBooks.wordpress.com.

Thank you.

Jon Kidwell


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