Review of “Out of Darkness” by Darrell Case

I really thought long and hard about what to rate this book.  Three or four stars? I, as you can see, ultimately settled on a 4-star rating.  More about that later in this review.  

This is a fast moving mystery with a number of key characters.  It has a strong story line and is genuinely believable.  The primary protagonist in this work is a minister/evangelist named David Padgett.  Without going into any of the details of the story, I will just say that it is a well thought out tale of the rise, fall, and redemption of a man who lives his life under the microscope of public opinion.  I think most readers will “bond” with Reverend Padgett.  Though he has become a high profile personality, he still maintains his integrity and values from his days as a minister who had to supplement his income as a bagger in a grocery store.

There is one prime issue that keeps me from giving this book a 5 star rating. And, it is the same issue upon which I struggled between the 3 and 4 star rating.  The book is written in a somewhat conversational style.  But, I was quite distracted by the numerous errors in writing.  I don’t recall any misspellings, but use of punctuation and inconsistent paragraph breaks create quite a predicament with a red ink wielding English teacher. Numerous occurrences of improper use of quotation marks, and especially commas (which tend to throw off the readers rhythm).  Cases where there are open parentheses, but no close parentheses.  Also, cases of two characters speaking within the same paragraph (caused me to have to go back and figure who said what).  Lots of run-on sentences as well.  

I don’t mean to bash the author.  I can see that his work was well thought out, and took an incredible time investment.  An additional investment in getting others to proof read and edit would likely have omitted most of the errors.  

So, if you can get past these distractions in punctuation, it’s an interesting, entertaining and thought provoking read.

I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for a timely and honest review.  I have no personal or professional ties with the author or the publisher, and no financial incentive regarding this review.


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